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Number 1:

I am age 17 and I have chronic, severe acne. I have been on the Denali Tox just one week and my acne is all cleared up.

My clothes are fitting more loosely and my mother has lost one pant size too.

Number 2:

We received our package on Saturday and took 2 drops each time, twice that day.  The next morning we took 2 more drops and went on our daily walk in the park.  There is a particular hill that we've repeatedly got quite winded before reaching the top prior to learning about the drops. Well, not this day!  We were walking and talking and suddenly realized that we had reached the top and we were NOT winded!  We check our pulses and was normal, not at all elevated.  So we climbed it again and were not winded.  Then we reached the largest hill in our area, one that in the past we had to stop and rest a few times before getting to the top.  This time we were breathing slightly harder at the top but not enough to hamper conversation, and we never had to stop on the way up.  My husband, who is 65 years old, took those hills like a young man and afterwards could have done more.  Our dog that usually runs us ragged was slowing us down!  The only thing we did differently was to take the Denali Green. Since that time we have increased up to 4 drops 3x daily.  Also, we seem to be youthing. Little eye lines are going away and we just feel younger! 
—Linda Wolslau

Number 3:

Before taking the Denali Green, my blood sugar normally tests about 140 in the evening. The first day I took only 1 drop and my sugar level had dropped to 119 at bedtime. I was really amazed because earlier that evening I had gone to my own birthday party and I had eaten some cheesecake and some candy. I expected my blood sugar to be even higher than normal. The next morning I tested 88. I usually test about 120 in the morning and I never get down below 100.
—Yvonne Pollock

Number 4:

I must have had a stroke about a week before Christmas. I was in an extreme state of confusion. I couldn’t walk straight. I couldn’t get my balance and I bumped into the walls. My son couldn’t understand me when I tried to talk.

Before getting the Denali Green I had gotten a lot better, but since then I have improved dramatically. I am now much stronger and I can walk fast without any problems.

I also have a squamous cell carcinoma in my nose and it metastasized to my lower bowels and to my bladder. The first time I took the Denali Green, I could feel it working in my nose and also in my bladder. Normally I have a constant sharp pain in my bladder and it was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. The pain now comes and goes and is gradually diminishing. It only takes about 10 minutes after taking the Denali Green for the pain to go away for several hours. —Dixie Lee Powell

Number 5:

I have Diabetes, which has affected my eyes. Prior to using the Denali products, I couldn’t read the street signs when I was trying to find an address and I couldn’t read the subtitles when watching TV. I had a lot of fatigue and I had to take a nap everyday. I also lived in a constant brain fog. I started using Denali Red, Blue and Green ten days ago. My energy is improving. I no longer have to take a nap everyday. My eyesight is improving, I can now read the subtitles and I have a lot more clarity in my brain. My sense of well-being has also improved. —Michael Chapman

Number 6:

 "I was infected by the Hanta Killer Virus from a deer mouse that built a nest in the venting system of my SUV. One morning on my way to work, I turned on the defroster and blew mouse urine and mouse droppings throughout my car. Because this virus is airborne, I could not escape it. I started getting the symptoms, which include headaches, fever, stomach and bowl upsets, muscular aches, breathing distress with overall tiredness. I was very concerned because this virus is extremely deadly and fifty percent of the people who get it eventually die of hemorrhagic fever by drowning in their own body fluids. I told my wife to be prepared to take me to the hospital if I started going downhill rapidly. Given that there is no known cure for this virus, I decided to triple up on the Denali Blue and Green products and trust God for a good result. The next morning I was completely symptom free and continue to be in ever improving health several days later." —PTL, Jim Burns

Number 7 (April 27, 2006 Update by John Austin):

I first noticed improved bowel function followed by an extreme boost in natural energy. Now after 4 weeks on the products, my urine flow is increasing which is a blessing for males over 50. While sleeping, my eyelids would become glued to my eyes. This was quite painful and I was becoming quite concerned. I no longer have this problem and my eyesight has improved as well. Last night my five-year-old daughter had a fever. I gave her a few drops before she went to sleep and she woke up rested without any symptoms at all. —John Austin

Number 8:

I am 78 years old. I have been on the Denali Blue, Red and Tox for two weeks now. My eyes have improved dramatically. I can read now without using my glasses. —Bill Hull

Number 9:

Most people are noticing a dramatic improvement in their sleep. One child who has been Hyperactive since birth normally goes to sleep at 11 pm. He went to sleep at 6 pm after using Denali Tox just two days.

Number 10:

My wife who is a cancer survivor normally has a morning pH of 5.5. After 5 days her pH tested at 7.2. —George Lane

Number 11:

I went to visit my sister-in-law. She had sores inside her mouth. I put six drops of Denali Green under her tongue and the next day she called me and said the sores were all gone. —Julia Ramirez

Number 12:

I have severe MS with terrible pain and constant constipation. I have to take medication daily to move my bowels. The second day on Denali Blue, Denali Red and Denali Tox, I didn’t need any medication to move my bowel. I am on morphine to help cover the pain. I usually take morphine at 6 am, but at 10 am this morning, I am still not needing any morphine. —Shirley Hull

Number 13:

I have had a horrible time with my knees for over a year. They are painful 24 hours a day, especially if I sit down for a couple of hours or first get up in the morning. They are extremely painful and I have a difficult time straightening them out. I got my Denali Tox just yesterday and took two doses before going to bed. I woke up earlier than usual
(5 am) this morning and there was a dramatic reduction in both pain and stiffness. (Three weeks later) I have over a hundred fatty tumors on the backs of my legs and they are all disappearing. —Jackie Archambault

Number 14:

One day I started to develop a fever blister on my lip. I put one drop of Denali Tox on it and the pain and swelling stopped immediately. The blister was gone the next day.

Number 15:

At the time that I first received by Denali Green, I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This causes extreme pain in the sole of your foot when walking. After taking 6 drops 3x a day, the pain had reduced noticeably by the first day. Now after just two weeks, the pain is almost totally gone. —Lora Lee Hofmann

Number 16:

I have suffered from chronic sinus infection and could not get relief no matter what I tried. My sinuses broke loose and started draining after just two applications of Denali Tox. Now after three days, my head is completely clear. —Brettie Griffin

Number 17:

I have been trying for 3 years to get my pH up to 7.0 or higher. It normally runs about 5.5 and very seldom does it get up into the 6 range. One week on the Denali Tox and I am testing 7.2 first thing in the morning. I normally crave some sugar every day and the Detox has taken away my craving for both food and sugar. Also when I looked in the mirror this morning I thought that my wrinkles were diminishing. —Diana DuBois

Number 18:

I have been numb on one side for six months. It may have been from a slight stroke. I have been using 6 drops 3x a day for about 2 weeks. The feeling is coming back and the numbness is nearly gone. —Julia Ramirez

Number 19:

After the hurricane Katrina there were hundreds of cattle dying after drinking the polluted water. A veterinarian diluted some of our Denali Tox and injected it into the jugular vein of 400 cows that were laying flat on their sides. 399 of them lived while all of the cattle on both sides of the fence died.

Number 20:

On Labor Day Weekend of 2004, I was in a car accident. I had fractures to my ribs, pelvis, tailbone, and stress fractures in every toe on my left side. A nerve was damaged in both my left elbow and my left ankle. I was in therapy for a long time and by June 2005, I started walking with a cane. Then in August I started teaching school.

When I started teaching school, my foot was numb and discolored. The doctors called it Reflective Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). The nerves in my foot were damaged and the blood wasn't flowing. I tried some expensive therapies that included shots to my spine. This made my condition worse. My doctor said I wouldn't be able to walk in ten years.

I prayed for a miracle and was introduced to Denali Green. In just a short time the discoloration is gone, the feeling is coming back into my foot and I am able to walk without a cane. I am now walking 2 miles a day 3X a week.

I also suffered tremendous pain from inflammation of the cartilage where my ribs were broken. It felt like I was having a heart attack. The pain was so bad I couldn't sleep at night. Now the pain is gone. I can sleep at night and when I wake up I feel rested.

I also had Fibromyalgia since 1981. I have been on the product for 6 weeks now and the Fibromyalgia is under control. I am able to play with my children again and I now have a quality of life I haven't enjoyed since my car accident. -Denise Scott, NC

Number 21:

I got my Denali Green on Monday and I took one drop. I started having a strange feeling in my head and a heavy feeling in my eyes and brow area. The next day I took 1 drop 3 times and didn't have any adverse reaction. The next day I took 2 drops 3 times. By Sunday I was taking 4 drops, three times a day and my pH tested 7.0. I couldn't believe it, but again Monday morning it has continued to stay at 7.0. I have also noticed a drop in my blood pressure, which is a blessing. -Joan DeGroot

Number 22:

After 5 years of Candida, it's now gone after 3 ½ weeks of taking Denali Green. -Tom Crandell

Number 23:

I am 19-years-old and have had Chronic Fatigue since the age of 13. I have taken painkillers daily for many years. I have been on Denali Green for less than one week. I was off my pain medication and caffeine after only two days. My fatigue is going away and I am now able to get up in the morning without struggling. -Suzanne Coker, VA

Number 24:

Thank you for the testimonials. So many MLM sponsors forget about you once you sign up. The testimonials are encouraging and motivating. I gave one for my daughter Wendie about  the arthritis in her hands. She continues to have NO pain in her hands. She is also type 1 diabetic. Has been for 38 years. The Denali Green appears to be helping to bring down her insulin requirements. She takes 3 shots a day. She usually takes a total of 16 to 20 units of insulin for the food she consumes each day. Depending on what she eats and how much, and what her blood sugar is running. She is now taking 9 to 12 units. Also for both of us, our bowel function has improved greatly and moods are much better. I have had a constant state of mild depression for years. Taking vitamins and nutrition to overcome it but it seems to linger on. For a week now I have felt so much better  emotionally. Better  than I have in years.!!!!!!!  My energy has improved and I require less sleep. I try to get 7 to 8 hours sleep but I'm ready to go after 5 hours so I make myself sleep a little longer so that I don't disturb the rest of the household. Thank you again for your e-mails. Keep up the good work! -Lydia

Number 25:

I am a professionally trained opera singer taught by Pavarotti's understudy. My voice is precious to me.

I have had sinus infections for years. It would affect my vocal chords. They would get encrusted with hard mucous that would prevent me from singing and I couldn't talk when I first woke up. I also had severe allergies and was taking allergy medication everyday. Even then I would wake up every morning sneezing my brains out.

I started the Denali Green with 1 drop the first day, then 2 drops 3 times a day the second day, then 3 drops 3 times a day the third day, and increased at this rate until I was up to 6 drops 3 times a day on the sixth day.

The second day after I started taking the Denali Green, stuff started coming out of my lungs and sinuses like I have never seen in my life. I was coughing up very hard mucous that I have never been able to get out before.

After 6 days the sinus infection and mucous were eradicated and my voice is now better than it has ever been. I am no longer sneezing and now when I wake up in the morning I can talk and even sing. I am off of all my sinus medications, allergy medications and antibiotics.

I also suffered with benign enlarged prostate. I was having difficulty with urine flow. I am now starting to urinate normally.

I'm from New York.  I'm very skeptical, but this stuff really works! I have never seen a product or used one like this in my life! -Barry P., NY

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