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 Questions and Answers About Denali

Question #1: How long has the Denali company been in business?

Answer: One of my readers said she became a Denali Distributor over a year ago.

Question #2: How long has Denali Tox been in use?

Answer: Approximately three years.

Question #3: How long has Denali Tox (or Denali Green) been available to the public?

Answer: I believe it was made available about the 20th of March 2006.

Question #4: I have had trouble with Athlete’s Foot for 40 years. If I drink Coke or eat anything sugary it flares up. Is it true that Denali Tox will stop a flare up if I use it topically?

Answer: Yes! I’ve heard several people say they stopped the rash by using drops topically.

Question #5: What are the wholesale prices of Denali Blue, Denali Red and Denali Tox?

Answer: Denali Blue, an antioxidant liquid, one-quart for $29.75, Denali Red, Vitamin E, 100 mg., 60 softgels for $29.75 and Denali Tox (or Denali Green), one ounce for $59.50. There is a $5.95 fee for 1st time buyers and there is a shipping charge.

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