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  Introducing The Product That Does More Than All of The Other Products Put Together

April 6, 2006 E-mail from John Austin

“My name is John Austin and I have been involved in the field of health and nutrition since 1972. Having owned a Health Food Store and being a Certified Nutritionist, I consider myself to be a product person and I am always on the lookout for products that will truly make a difference in people’s lives.

“Modern science is producing some remarkable products lately, but I am going to tell you briefly about a single product that I believe does more than all of the other products put together.

“This story begins with a well-known doctor that was born sickly and had poor health all of his life. He experienced several childhood diseases, one of which caused a leg to become rigid and immobile and he described his condition as walking on a wooden leg most of his life.

“Due to poor health he didn’t get a formal education, but he was a child prodigy and breezed through high school and went on to become a nuclear quantum physicist. Then he took an early retirement at age 59 because he was facing an early death if he didn’t do something about his health.

“Understanding that the body is nothing but atoms and atoms are nothing but energy, he began researching to find what causes the body to age and get diseased. He discovered that atoms become diseased. This was a novel idea to me, but it makes perfect sense.

“The same atoms make up everything in nature, from a rock to a tree, to a human body. It is said that the alchemists could change lead into gold by rearranging the atoms. So if the atoms could be healed, it makes sense that health could be restored to all of the body parts.

“This doctor discovered how to break minerals down 100,000 times smaller than the smallest known mineral making them more bio-available than even minerals from the food we eat. But more importantly than that is the fact that these minerals appear to be the only thing that will repair or strengthen the energy field that makes up the atom. This is extremely important because atoms are the building blocks of the DNA and everything else in our bodies.

“The doctor tested these minerals on himself for three years and upon a number of other people for up to 2 years. All of the participants appeared to be free of all diseases within the first 6 months and the doctor himself gained full mobility of his leg and his eyes which had degenerated quite early (he was wearing trifocals at age 40) have now returned to 20-20 vision and he says his joints are like that of a teenager. The doctor also believes that those who used his product were reversing their biological age about 7 years for every year they were on his product.

“I tell you this story because the minerals this doctor developed are an important part of the product that I am revealing to you.

“About 2 months ago, our first doctor was introduced to a second doctor who discovered this same technology about 18 years ago. This second doctor has since added some other components that takes the mineral product to even a higher level.

“This newer, better product has basically four components. First it contains zeolite, which is a powerful detoxifier. Unlike other detox products that mostly stir up the toxins in the body, zeolite is like a cage that has the ability to consume toxins and trap them inside. Zeolites have an affinity to heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals. Eventually the zeolites are eliminated naturally from the body, carrying the toxins out harmlessly along with them.

“Next we have fulvic and humic acids. These are not really acids. They are natural, mineral rich deposits that were formed millions of years ago from compressed plant life.

“Fulvic acid is the strongest electrolyte known to man and because we are electrical beings, we need electrolytes for cellular communication. Just like a car that runs better when it gets a new set of spark plugs, fulvic acid gives our bodies an electrical tune up.

“Humic acid is famous as a regenerator. It helps the body regenerate bone, cartilage and other broken down, worn out tissues in the body.

“Finally, we have the minerals that are broken down far smaller than anything we have been able to produce in the past. These minerals also help to recharge our electrical batteries and increase the pH of the body.

“We are introducing some new science here and by rolling these four components into one product we are covering a broader spectrum of things that the body can use to heal itself than any one product or group of products previous to this one.

"My personal experience since this product started shipping two weeks ago are nothing short of amazing. I first noticed improved bowel function followed by an extreme boost in natural energy. I have been quite sedentary because of my work for the past several years. I get very little exercise, sunshine or fresh air and yet I feel such a remarkable difference since starting on the product, like I would expect to feel if I were getting all three.

"I have had 7 different people tell me that their wrinkles are already diminishing. (Watch out when the baby boomers hear this!) A chronic case of acne has disappeared in one week. A chronic case of sinus infection is gone after only three days. A couple of people have said they are already losing inches. Pains from injuries and from old age are going away like frost before the sun. One person had cancer and was given just three weeks to live by his doctor. He was nearly comatose; he was flat on his back and couldn't even talk. In five days on the product, he was up out of bed and raking leaves in his yard. In three weeks he was declared cancer free. The excitement is certainly building from the results we are seeing. It is too early to tell for certain, but we think the results are universal. In other words, everybody so far is seeing improvement in one area or another."

—John Austin

Note: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. As a supplement it may assist in a health maintenance program. Not everyone will experience the same results. Results may vary. Consult your physician before using Denali Tox.

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