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Detailed Ordering Instructions  Discontinued

Maybe it will be helpful to copy the web address and paste it into your browser, here it is:

When you get to the web site, put your mouse over "Join Now" at the top right hand corner.

A drop down list will appear when you put your mouse over "Join Now."

You may choose between "Marketing Associate" (clicking here will take you to the page where you may sign up as a Denali Distributor) or "Preferred Customer" (clicking here will take you to the page where you may sign up to purchase product). 

When you are asked for your Sponsor's name, type in "Bonnie."

Continue to fill in the application with your personal information (or you can call Denali at (801) 596-7700).

If you choose "Marketing Associate" the cost to become a distributor is $165 [which is a combination of $36 to join (and either 2 bottles of Denali Tox at $59.50 each or another combination of Denali products that equals $119) plus $10 shipping].

With your distributorship you are automatically given a Web Site – – and you will receive a monthly auto shipment of $129 (it defaults to whatever your first order is — or you can change it on line).

If you choose "Preferred Customer," the cost of one bottle of Denali Tox is $69.50 (this includes shipping) and, for the first order there is a $5.95 fee.

Note: The $5.95 fee is for setting up and activating your Denali Account. This is a one time fee. The next time you order your order will be $5.95 less.

The way the company has set up the Web Site is that you are required to sign up for an automatic monthly shipment of Denali Tox (which is $69.50), but you may call Customer Service at (801) 596-7700 at any time to to cancel the auto shipment (but you still have to pay the $5.95).

Denali Blue is $29.75

Denali Red is $29.75

Denali Tox (or Denali Green) is $59.50

Denali Gold is $59.50 and is ON SALE in May 2006 for $39.50 (all orders placed in May 2006 will be shipped on June 1st)

Note: Denali’s Customer Service line is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday thru Friday. Call (801) 596-7700 or (801) 571-8436

If you do not use a computer and you would like to become a member of Denali as either a preferred customer or a distributor, please call Denali Customer Service and tell the Representative that your sponsor is Bonnie O’Sullivan and her username is Bonnie.

Note: When calling the Denali Company they have asked that everyone calling please have the person’s name and username who referred you before calling customer service.

Put Your Denali Auto Shipment "On Hold" if you are not ready for another shipment (Preferred Customers are not required to have a monthly Auto Shipment):

I want to remind everyone who signed up as a Preferred Customer that the auto shipments will be going out on the day of the month that you chose for your auto shipment. If you are not ready for another supply of the product(s) you purchased, please call Denali Health Sciences at (801) 596-7700 or (801) 571-8436 and put your Denali auto shipment on hold. If you get an answering machine, you may leave your name, your user name, and the last four numbers of the credit card you used on your first order, and request that your auto shipment be put on hold. When you are ready to place another order you may call Denali and give them your name and your user name and you will not be charged another $5.95 to become a Preferred Customer. (Note: If you are a Denali Distributor and you put your auto shipment on hold, you will not receive a commission check for any Sponsor's or Preferred Customers you introduced to Denali.)

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