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Denali Tox, A New Product That Does More Than All The Other Products Put Together
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Denali Health Sciences Discontinued

Denali Health Sciences' new product is Denali Tox (short for detox) or Denali Green, which is what the Denali Company is going to rename it soon.

It’s a small, one ounce bottle of liquid that has no taste and that you only need to take a drop or 2 of under your tongue 2 or 3 times a day. (A therapeutic dose is 6 drops 3X a day.)

There are 3 Denali products: Denali Blue, an antioxidant liquid, one-quart for $29.75, Denali Red, Vitamin E, 100 mg., 60 softgels for $29.75 and Denali Tox (or Denali Green), one ounce for $59.50.

Denali products are sold by Multi-level Marketing and to order please go to and click (at top right) on “Join Denali” and use my name, “Bonnie,” for your Sponsor’s Username. Click Submit and that will take you to the page where you can either “enroll as a preferred customer” or “enroll as a distributor.” [Note: When you choose “preferred customer” there is a $5.95 fee for being a 1st time customer plus a shipping charge. You will also automatically be signed up to receive a monthly auto shipment of whatever you order. If you do not want this monthly auto shipment you must call Denali Customer Service at (801) 596-7700 and cancel your auto shipment.]

The cost to become a distributor is $165 [which is a combination of $36 to join (and either 2 bottles of Denali Tox at $59.50 each or another combination of Denali products that equals $119) plus $10 shipping]. With your distributorship you are automatically given a Web Site – – and you will receive a monthly auto shipment of $129 (it defaults to whatever your first order is — or you can change it on line).

For more information about Denali Health Sciences go to:

To receive commission checks you need to be on a monthly auto ship of $129 (your choice of products plus shipping).

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