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TurboSonic -- Only 10 Minutes to Burn Fat

Bonnie’s Personal TurboSonic Testimonial

Dear Friends,

On March 3, 2007 I had an accident that led me to discover an amazing device that has effortlessly helped me shed seven pounds.

I fell on the sidewalk in front of my daughter’s new home in Arizona. I tripped over the curb and landed on my right elbow. Although nothing broke, my elbow swelled up and, when I tried to lift my arm, my shoulder didn’t get the message -- it felt like something was holding my arm down.

My injury reminded Dale of a demonstration of a new device, the TurboSonic whole body vibration trainer, that he saw in LA in January, which is being used as a treatment for a variety of problems including injuries and he recommended I try it.

So, when we returned to California I looked on the Internet for a TurboSonic trainer in our area at (go there for a TurboSonic near you).

I found there are several TurboSonic trainers in the San Francisco Bay Area, but all are at least an hour away from Walnut Creek.

Nevertheless, I decided to make the two-hour round trip drive to have a 10-minute session standing on one.

After my first session the swelling of my elbow went down 60 percent and I could raise my arm again (after five days of not being able to raise it).

For another session on the TurboSonic (and to talk to another owner) I traveled to another location offering sessions a week later.

After having four 10-minute sessions (one a week) my arm was completely healed and I had gathered some very interesting information.

It was then (April 1st) that I noticed that my clothes were feeling looser and I stepped on the scale. To my amazement I had lost seven pounds.

My discovery of the TurboSonic trainer has impacted my life as much as discovering Candida-G (I haven’t had a toothache, earache, sore throat or urinary tract infection since September 2006 when I began taking three capsules a day, where before, every month or so I was taking antibiotics for one of those things) or discovering serrapeptase (I’ve been mucus free every morning since January 2004 when I began taking two tablets three times a day between meals, where before, throughout my whole life, I woke up with a lot of mucus in my throat and I’ve never taken one puff of a cigarette in my life).

So, now, with the discovery of the TurboSonic, you know I want one at least closer to home and, in the future, one in my home! 

You can see a video on the Internet about losing weight using the TurboSonic at

After my arm healed so rapidly and I lost seven pounds of fat with the TurboSonic (even though I wasn’t using it to lose fat) I began thinking of all the other benefits I may have gotten that are not so readily felt or seen, especially better bone density.

So, I went into campaign-mode for having a TurboSonic trainer closer to Walnut Creek.

As a result my friend, Alex Goldstein is placing a TurboSonic trainer in his Orinda store, Natural Life Foods, located at 21F Orinda Way, Orinda, CA 94563. (Orinda is 10 miles west of Walnut Creek on Highway 24.)

You are invited to come by the store for a free 10-minute session on the TurboSonic.

Or, if you are too far away from Orinda, you may find a TurboSonic near you by going on the Inernet at: and typing in your zip code.

If you are interested in purchasing a TurboSonic trainer, or campaigning for one in your local health food store or chiropractor’s office, please give Alex (925) 932-1292 or me (800) 651-7080 a call. We will be happy to help you find a way to make this happen, just as we did.

One storeowner I met told me there is always someone using the TurboSonic she placed in her store (It’s $99 a month per person for unlimited 10-minute daily sessions).



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