Distilled Water — The Choice Is Clear

by Bonnie O’Sullivan

The following is a review of a booklet about the wonders of distilled water; The Choice Is Clear, One Vital Element Can Bring You Vibrant Good Health . . . or Rob You of It by Dr. Allen E. Banik. (To order Dr. Banik’s booklet call Acres U.S.A., (512) 892-4400.)

The Choice Is Clear is the second book by Dr. Allen E. Banik. His first book, Hunza Land, was written after Art Linkletter sent him to Hunza to examine the strange, long-lived people in the far-away Himalayas and bring back the secret of their amazing spans of life for an episode of People Are Funny. Art states, "Dr. Banik and Hunza made one of the most successful episodes in our show’s history."

In The Choice Is Clear, Dr. Banik shocks the world with one of the real secrets of longevity. In the Question and Answer section of the book he answers this question: "In regard to your visit to Hunza, in your opinion, what was their main secret of longevity?"

Dr. Banik: "I observed the following. They ate most of their fruits and vegetables raw and raised them on organic soil. Fruits and vegetables are about 90% natural water of exceptionally high purity. Along with that, they drank glacier water, which is very low in inorganic minerals. Wine was their main beverage, which again is comprised of natural water of very high purity. So their percentage of distilled water quality was 90% greater than ours. I consider this an important secret which I nearly missed."

Dr. Banik also answers this crucial question: "Does distilled water leach organic minerals out of our systems?

Dr. Banik: "Of course not! It is only inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues of the body, which, if not evacuated, can cause arterial obstructions — and other problems. These are minerals that must be removed, and distilled water is able to do it."

Dr. Banik writes:

Only One Possible Cause For All Aging Diseases?

"Can it be that arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), enlarged hearts, emphysema, obesity, constipation, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, all stem from one common cause? Unbelievable? But possibly very true!

All Water Is Not The Same

"There are at least nine different kinds of water. Some kinds can harden your arteries, form gallstones and kidney stones, bring on early senility, and all the other diseases I mention above. Another kind works in reverse. What one type of water carries into system, the other carries out. Let me classify these nine kinds of water. They are hard water, raw water, boiled water, soft water, rain water, snow water, filtered water, de-ionized water and distilled water. All are particular kinds of water — but remember this: only one of these nine kinds of water is good for you. Let me describe them briefly.

1. Hard Water

"Hard water is water containing excessive lime salts, that is, carbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium. Sodium, iron, copper, silicon, nitrates, chlorides, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and many other harmful inorganic minerals and chemicals may also be present. Most all the water we drink comes from public water systems or private wells. These are hard waters. Any water that has run through, or over, ground is hard water to some degree. The longer it filters through the soil, the harder it gets and the more harmful it is for you.

2. Raw Water

"Raw water is water that has not been treated in any way. It may be hard or soft — as hard as limewater, or as soft as rainwater. Raw water contains millions of viruses and bacteria, and is densely inhabited in every drop. Chemicals dumped into our rivers may cause cancer, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"True, properly chlorinated water kills most germs and viruses, but it can also kill the cells of our body. The only safe rule to follow individually is to distill drinking water, which will eliminate both chlorine and pathogenic organisms.

3. Boiled Water Is Not The Answer

"Some health authorities advise boiled water. Boiling removes none of the inorganic minerals, although it does kill the bacteria in raw water if boiled at least 20 minutes.

"But the dead bodies of these germs are carried into the system when the boiled water is used. While raw water is an aquarium filled with deadly microorganisms, boiled water is a graveyard of dead germs.

4. Soft Water

"Some cities take water from rivers and lakes or mountain reservoirs and they call it ‘soft’ water. This water is still hard water. It is only ‘soft’ in comparison to water that is harder. (Never drink water from a ‘Water Softener’ as it will be laden with sodium.)

5. The Impurity Of Rainwater

"Rainwater that has been distilled by the heat of the sun, should contain no mineral matter and no germs. But when it falls from the clouds as rain, it falls through the air filled with bacteria, dust, smoke, chemicals, mud and minerals. By the time it reaches the earth as rainwater it is so saturated with decaying matter, dirt and chemicals that its color becomes a yellowish-white.

6. Snow Is Unclean

"Snow water is melted snow. It, too, picks up minerals, chemicals and radioactive fallout such as Strontium 90. Snow is frozen rain. Freezing does not destroy bacteria. Snow looks white and clean, but it contains as many germs, minerals and pollutants as rainwater. Remember the dirt left from melting snow in the spring? Try melting the cleanest snow, and then note the filth in the water. Each snowflake contains some form of air pollution.

7. Filtered Water Can Be Dangerous

"Filtered water is water that has passed through a very fine strainer, activated carbon or some other mechanical barrier. The use of filtered water is still rather popular. Some people think that water that has passed through a filter, is purified. They believe that the filter keeps the waste substances and disease germs of the water in the filter. While it is true that chlorine, some suspended substances and many synthetic chemicals are removed in the filter by filtering, there is no filter made which can prevent bacteria or viruses from passing through it fine meshes. Each pore of the finest filter is large enough for millions of germs to pass through, even those containing silver!

"Moreover, decaying matter collects on the bottom of every filter. This forms an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. After a filter has been used for a few days, the filtered water often contains more disease germs than the water that is put into the filter. Bacteria are multiplied by the millions by the collected wastes at the base of some filters, and washed through the filtered water, according to Dr. Brown Landone.

"Nowadays you will hear a lot about reverse osmosis. In this process, forcing a portion of the raw water through a semi-permeable membrane purifies water. Reverse osmosis removes a high percentage of the dissolved solids as well as other contaminants, and when the unit is new the result often approaches the purity of distilled water. The degree of purity in any case varies widely, depending of the types and conditions of the equipment used, much as with filter equipment and the effectiveness lessens with use. Sometimes drastically!

8. De-ionized Water Can Cause Virus Infections

"Water processed by the de-ionized method effectively removes minerals, and compares to distilled water in this respect. However, it does become a breeding ground for bacteria, pyrogenic matter and viruses. The fault in this system lies in the resin beds, which can become notorious breeding grounds. Therefore it is not wise to have this possibility exist in your drinking water.

9. The Miracle Of All Water — Distilled Water!

"Distilled water is water that has been turned into vapor, so that virtually all its impurities are left behind (rising vapor cannot carry minerals and other dissolved solids — it will not carry disease germs, dead or alive). Then, through condensation, it is turned back to "pure" water. Distillation is the single most effective method of water purification. It is the only water that is pure; the only water free from all impurities.

"From day to day we do not know what impurities exist in our water. The only way to be sure your drinking water is free of impurities is to drink only pure distilled water.

The World’s Greatest Secret

"Distilled water is water of the purest kind. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It regulates the temperature of the body by helping take off extra heat resulting from an intake of some 3,000 calories of food each day. Water keeps the body from burning up. It carries waste products from the body.

The Greatest Function Of Distilled Water

"Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves inorganic mineral substances lodged in tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body. Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth — the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues. By its continued use, it is possible to dissolve inorganic minerals, acid crystals, and all the other waste products of the body without injuring tissues.

Inorganic Mineral Deposits Must Be Removed

"Remember that great scientists now not only admit but also assert that all old age, and even death — unless by accident — is due to waste poisons not washed out of the body. The legendary Dr. Alexis Carrel made heart tissue apparently immortal by regularly washing away the wastes of the cells.

Pure Water Is Your Lifeline

"Through the process of distilling, water is separated from virtually everything it carries, and is now pure water. As it enters the body, it again picks up mineral deposits accumulated in the joints, artery walls, or wherever such deposits occur, and begins to carry them out. Gall stones and kidney stones get smaller and smaller until they can safely pass through their ducts. Little by little arthritic pains become less as joints become more supple and movable. Arteries gradually become more elastic as blood pressures tend to become more normal. Gradually the outlook on life becomes a little more youthful — ambitions begin to return, while the squeaking rocking chair will give way to the web covered golf clubs.

"The startling fact to remember is that water attracts chiefly inorganic minerals. Organic minerals stay in the tissues, where they belong. This is a marvelous feat of Divine Reasoning. We were not born to die — we were born to live! This fact is easily proved. X-rays of the arteries will never show unless there are calcium deposits along the artery walls. Doesn’t this prove that we have mineral deposits even along swift moving blood channels?

"So hard water carries inert minerals into the body, and distilled water carries them out — it’s just as simple as that.

"There is then only one way you can purify your body and help to eliminate your chronic aging diseases and that is through the miracle of distilled water.

The Appalling Truth

"The average person drinks about a gallon of water per day. Adding up the cups of coffee, tea, soft drinks, food and water, this gallon isn’t too much. At a gallon a day, the average person drinks up to 450 glasses of solids during a life span. These same solids are found in your humidifier, and in grandmother’s teakettle. Think of it — 450 glasses of mineral solids in your system during a lifetime.

"What does the body do with these inorganic solids? It begins by putting a thin film along our intestinal walls. As soon as one film is laid, it attracts another film much easier, until it begins to build up and one of the first results is constipation, a plague to millions of people. Other deposits occur where blood flows the slowest, such as in the joints as arthritis and gout, along the arteries as hardening, in the veins as varicose, in the lungs as emphysema. It often coats the crystalline lens of the eyes with a fine film possibly resulting in cataracts. Glaucoma, the dreaded eye disease, can be another result of hard water. The tiny vessels film up with mineral deposits, which results in a build-up of pressure in the eye. There has never been a known cause for glaucoma. It might be the mineral deposits.

"In all my years of experience as a practicing optometrist — all my glaucoma patients drank water with extreme hardness. Distilled water, as a possible preventative is still the best long-range program to follow.


"Paul Brinkman became interested in distilled water since he was concerned about his diabetic condition. Imagine his surprise when he checked out sugar free. It likewise surprised his doctor. According to any edition of Merck’s Manual, the exact cause of diabetes is not known. The cause lies in the inadequate production of insulin by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans. The cells are alive; it is just that they do not function. My inspiring teacher, Dr. Landone, stated that the mineral deposits enclosed the cells with a mineral film so they are unable to function.


"According to Dr. Landone, ‘Hard water seals each cell with a film, so oxygen cannot reach the imprisoned cells. Nature then develops new cells that thrive on less oxygen. These cells are called cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells and allows the oxygen to reach the cells.’


"Dr. Landone stated emphatically that anyone drinking distilled water exclusively would eventually return to normal weight. The reason: hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Dr. Landone kept his weight perfect throughout his 98 years. Weight watchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet, if they will include from 4 to 6 glasses of distilled water a half hour before each meal. It works wonders. Why not try it!

My Personal Experience

"About forty years ago I felt the impact of the effects of drinking hard deep well water. A farmer I knew had a most distressing health problem. I doubt that he weighed a hundred pounds. At intervals he would be unable to eat. If he did, he would belch, vomit and double up with pain. I thought each day would be his last. Finally his doctor advised him to leave his farm. Upon arriving in California, a kind neighbor suggested he drink distilled water with several small glasses of wine in between. A month later his symptoms had vanished and he could eat heartily. Today at the age of 88 he is still hale and hearty, an example of good health. It was the inorganic iron and magnesium in his well water that could have spelled an early death for him.

I followed The Same Path

"I still remember how I used to enjoy drinking ice cold water from his deep well, not realizing I was consuming three glasses of solids per year. That I too was a candidate for hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cataracts, gall stones, diabetes, obesity and other aging diseases never crossed my mind.

"I then recalled another experience during my teen-age years. I was born and reared in a small South Dakota town. In those days we had a town well to supply our drinking water. It was good cold hard water. (It did a wonderful job in corroding my mother’s teakettle.) The city electric plant was located near the well, but I noticed the plant manager drank distilled water. Being curious, I asked him why he drank that filthy water with such good tasting well water nearby.

"I can still feel the indignation that suddenly swelled up within him. He then softened his words by saying, "Some day, when you grow up, you will find out." Somehow this always bothered me. I knew he didn’t want to take the time to explain it to a mere kid. All the while I knew he had his reasons. It took me all these years to find out.

"The truth of drinking distilled water is not new. It is just that the public has never caught on. Today, many progressive doctors prescribe distilled water for their patients. All the kidney machines operate on the purest distilled water. It is now time to shake our sickly population out of their lethargy and languor. Thousands of American cities have potential health hazards in their drinking water and millions of farm wells should be condemned.

My Personal Problem Solved

"I found an all-electric automatic still, which just answered my purpose. The size of the still depends on the number of gallons needed. It solved my immediate drinking problem for me and my family. I can now enjoy the purest water at its best!


"There is much to learn about water. I have merely touched on a few pertinent facts of water in its relation to vibrant health and longevity. The facts I gathered have proved themselves to me. When men can live to the age of 120, I become alert! There has to be some cause. I am convinced that the inorganic minerals and chemicals in water become a hazard to every man, woman and child. The body must be free of sludge to operate efficiently. The eliminating organs cannot expel all the deposits, so nature does the next best thing and tucks them wherever she can. Since water is the greatest solvent known, it becomes the best agent to carry out that which is brought in.

"The test is very simple. Place a mirror or glass under a dripping faucet. Let it dry, and observe the water spots. Then place this glass in distilled water. The distilled water will dissolve the water spots. This is what this whole story is about!

"Dr. Landone cured his heart condition (that he had at the age of 17) with distilled water. Captain Diamond cured his arthritis and lived to the splendid age of 120 years. Could distilled water be the answer? If it is, how different living in this world could be. Since we live but once, should we not live wisely? The Choice is clear — it is now up to you."

Note by Bonnie: Dale and I have a still in our kitchen. Or call 800-651-7080 for guidance.