How safe are the treatments?

The Colonet functions on gravity flow, which is the safest method when it comes to colon irrigation. When used according to the instructions provided, this method is even safer then an enema, since it does not require forcing the body to hold water any longer than what feels comfortable. Approximately 20 to 30 gallons of water are cycled through the colon during a regular 45 minute treatment. Included with your Colonet is a waste-hose-interrupter-lever that you fully control during the treatment. When this lever is activated the water gently flows higher up in to the colon using gravity only.

When you feel light pressure in your colon the lever can be released immediately and the water carries waste (toxins , microbes and other impurities) through the waste hose directly in to the toilet. This allows for gentle cleansing of the colon, in gradual stages and at a pace most suited to your condition of intestinal health. Contrary to the use of pressurized colonic methods or enemas who overpower peristalsis (the involuntary muscle movements of the colon to expel its contents), high-colon-irrigation initiates and strengthens peristalsis. This is especially beneficial to work towards relieving chronic constipation.

When and how do I use the Therapeutic Implant Tank?

Depending on what condition you are treating and what implant solution you are using it is applied during or after the colon irrigation treatment. Included with your Colonet are full instructions on how and when to use the different solutions for different health conditions.

Is there a danger of having the friendly intestinal flora washed out?

The friendly intestinal flora loves a clean environment. In a healthy colon at least 85% of the micro flora is so called "friendly", which easily keeps in check the remaining 15% of possible "foreign" invaders, such as fungi, yeast, viruses and opportunistic bacteria., that cause morbidity. However, if we look at today's average colon, the equation is more like 85% of morbid matter, with only 15% of friendly flora left. When doing High Colon Irrigation, toxic waste and a host of unwanted microbes are washed out. Some of the friendly flora may also be carried away, and is ideally replenished after any colon cleansing treatment.

The Colonet offers the unique feature of the implant tank, which allows you to perform pro-biotic implants with lacto bacillus acidophilus, bifidus, whey etc. immediately after a treatment. Oral flora therapy is also recommended for maximum benefit. How to perform implants is explained in your Colonet's owners manual. The additional feature of the Colonet that protects the intestinal flora is the sophisticated water purification system, that removes chemicals (such as chlorine) debris and microbes out of the treatment water. Did you know that a single enema or Colema board treatment with chlorinated water could destroy most of the friendly flora in your colon?


How often do you need to change the filter in the Colonet?

To ensure the cleanest possible treatment water, we recommend to change it at least every 80 th treatment.
(Item # 1700 in product catalogue)

If the filter is allowed to clog-up, sediment and other water impurities will pass in to your treatment water and coat the quartz-sleeve in the reactor chamber of the Ultra Violet Sterilizer, diminishing effectiveness of sterilization. This quartz-sleeve is removable for cleaning as described in the Colonet's instructions.

How do I know whether the Ultra Violet Sterilizer Lamp is working and when does it need to be replaced?

The power adapter of the UV Sterilizer is equipped with a monitor light. When lit it indicates proper functioning. When the light is out UV bulb (lamp) needs replacement. These bulbs are designed to last hundreds of hours when properly cared for.
(Item # 1711 in product catalogue)

It is recommended to use padded ˝" plywood on top of the bathtub to lay on during treatment. What if I do not have a bathtub?

A bathtub is not necessary. In most situations it is simply the most practical and space-efficient area to make use of. You can use or create any surface to lay on that you feel comfortable with as long as this surface is in close proximity of a toilet for the waste hose to reach and is not lower than the seat of the toilet for the gravity system to function properly.

If I choose to mount my Colonet onto the wall, is this a permanent installation?

The Colonet is equipped with a slide on mounting bracket. Once the wall plate is attached the entire unit slides on and off very easily and quickly.

How does Colonet differ from a Colema Board?

A high colon irrigation with Colonet offers a totally different treatment than a Colema Board.

The fundamental question is: How clean and safe do you expect your colon treatment water to be and how effective would you like to clean out your colon of old morbid fecal matter and toxins.

The following is a partial list of differences.

The Colonet:

  • Offers built-in filtration and sterilization of treatment water, a must for safe and health promoting colon irrigation.
  • Offers unlimited, uninterrupted water flow. Most people move the bulk of old intestinal waste material between 15 & 30 gallons of uninterrupted treatment water volume.
  • Has a separate therapeutic implant tank for use of specific solutions (chlorophyll, coffee, acidophilus etc.)
  • Carries the waste through a clear viewing tube directly into the toilet.

The Colema Board:

  • Offers no purification of treatment water.
  • Uses a total of 5 gallons per treatment
  • Has no provisions for implants.
  • The procedure is messy and smelly and requires substantial clean up.