Don’t Be A Germaphobe — Take Candida-G

The worldwide epidemic of the 1918 Spanish flu killed between 21 million and 40 million people. It was one of the greatest plagues mankind has ever experienced. In the United States, 549,000 people lost their lives. This epidemic killed mostly people in their late teens and into their 30’s — not the very young or the elderly. One theory is that the flu killed so many young people because they were crowded together because WWI was still going on, and the close proximity permitted a rampant spread in their ranks.

In my last newsletter I told you about a new capsule, Candida-G, its health benefits and how it works. Today, I will tell you the extraordinary rest of the story; how it helped Dale quickly recover from an upper respiratory infection and how it helped me avoid the infection after we were exposed to potentially deadly air-born bacteria

This miracle of Dale getting better so quickly without antibiotics astounds me because several years ago he had an upper respiratory infection with the same symptoms as the one he just got over and it turned into pneumonia and he had to take antibiotics, which he is very much against unless it's a life or death situation. And, the fact that my body had the ability to stop a respiratory infection after it had started without antibiotics has never happened before in my life. Well, not since before I was five. In October 1942, when I was five, I got what the doctors called "double pneumonia" and had to stay in a hospital for two weeks. After I was there a few days the doctors told my mother I wouldn't live through another night and I needed special help. So, after praying long and hard, she signed the form allowing the doctors to give me the experimental drug, sulfa, which saved my life (penicillin was not yet available). Since then, I've relied on antibiotics often to save my life, not just once in several years like Dale. 

Now, with the help of Candida-G, we can avoid ever having to take antibiotics again or turning ourselves into germaphobes (those who use sanitary wipes, don't touch shopping cart handles or bathroom doorknobs or are afraid to fly, travel or go into hospitals, etc.).

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How Attending A San Francisco Seminar Exposed Us To Potentially Deadly Air-Born Bacteria

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