Better Than Antibiotics!

Men: Bad Bacteria [E. coli (cystitis), H. Pylori (ulcers), Salmonella (food poisoning), Streptococcus (tonsillitis and other infections)] and fungus (Athlete's foot, Jock Itch)
Women: Bad Bacteria [E. coli (cystitis), H. Pylori (ulcers), Salmonella (food poisoning), Streptococcus (tonsillitis and other infections)] and fungus (Yeast Infections, Nail Fungus)


Candida-G” Marks All Bad Bacteria and the Fungus Form of Candida as Bad Guys to Your Immune System and Your Body Immediately Destroys Them

Have you ever had a bacterial infection and the doctor's solution was an antibiotic? Did you know antibiotics set you up to have bacterial infections, and fungal infections as well? A probiotic, Candida-G, has the ability to stop this viscous cycle for good.

Candida-G capsules contain two active ingredients, Lactobacillus Sporogenes (500 million) and a special Aloe Vera leaf gel powder, Barbadensis Miller species (100 mg).

L. sporogenes is a very special friendly bacteria and of all the many Aloe Vera species worldwide, B. Miller Aloe Vera contains the highest concentration of mannan molecules, which are responsible for the repair of tissue damage at the cellular level.

When this combination of L. sporogenes and B. Miller Aloe Vera is taken internally or used externally, it marks all bad bacteria and the fungus form of Candida as bad guys to your immune system and your body immediately destroys them.

You can swallow Candida-G capsules and/or use them mixed with water to use externally or to use as a gargle or spray in the mouth. (When taking the capsules internally be careful and take them on a non-work day as they are so powerful they often cause die-off symptoms — please see "Bonnie's Candida-G and Flora-G Plus Story" for my experience taking the capsules internally.) To use Candida-G externally or as a gargle or spray, you make a Candida-G solution yourself by putting the contents of one capsule into 2 to 4 ounces of water, let it dissolve for a few minutes and shake well. Then you can spray the solution on a cut on your skin or on a fungal rash anywhere on your body or on a cut or canker sore in your mouth (or use it as a gargle), and the pain goes away instantly . . . and the next day the sore has completely healed.

I even got rid of an earache just by spraying the solution in my mouth a few times. I had accidentally cut my upper right gum while flossing my teeth. Two days later the cut had not yet healed and I noticed an earache was developing in my right ear. The next day the earache was worse and I decided to see if the Candida-G solution would help. In the evening, after I used the spray in my mouth several times during that day, the cut had healed and the earache felt much better. The earache was completely gone the next morning. It worked as quickly as an antibiotic! It also removed an abscess on my gum that had been worrying me.

We’ve also made an ointment that works for Athlete’s Foot or fungus rashes and works even quicker than antibiotic ointment for healing cuts. Using a toothpick, mix the contents of one capsule of Candida-G with a small amount of Arnica gel (you can buy this gel in any Health Food Store), and spread the mixture on the cut or rash and cover it with a band-aid. You’ll be amazed at how this mixture stops the pain instantly and, in a few hours, how the healing of the cut or rash has increased (the amount of healing depends on the severity of the cut or rash and in the case of a deep cut, I would only spray it with a solution of distilled water and Candida-G powder instead of using the Arnica gel). The reason Candida-G isn’t sold as a gel is that the moisture in the gel would activate the L. sporogenes, and it would die in a couple of days making the ointment useless.

When I explained to a friend recently how to make the solution and mentioned the name of the capsule, Candida-G, he said, “I thought Candida is what women get when they have a yeast infection.” I said, “You’re right, vaginal infections (also known as yeast infections) are usually due to a Candida overgrowth in the vagina, but Candida is not just a woman’s problem, Candida overgrowth is also responsible for Athlete’s foot and jock itch among many other physical and mental problems. Candida overgrowth presents a difficult problem to overcome, as it is a bacterium that is always present in our intestines. It’s the overgrowth of Candida that gets us into trouble.”

Note: Candida-G is excellent for getting rid of vaginal yeast infections (also known as Vaginitis, Candidiasis or moniliasis) when used as a douche (one capsule dissolved in one pint of warm water and use as a douche as needed). Also, for reducing pain of any kind in the body we have discovered using Candida-G in a foot soak works like magic.

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